Digital artists, do you have tips for me?

So I’m kinda new to digital art and I’m having troubles with my program. I’d say I’m pretty good at traditional art, but I can’t do digital art the same… So does anyone have any tips for digital art? If you need to know, the program I use is called Clip Studio Paint Pro.


Clip Studio is really difficult to use, in all honesty. I would highly recommend Photoshop if you want a professional paid program.

Though I personally use Krita, it’s completely free and a lot easier to use than Clip Studio. Clip Studio actually turned me off of art completely for like four months >.<

But for general tips, I would look up some tutorials on how to use specific tools, what different brush presets are good and what will work for your style. The minute I figured out the lasso tool? Digital art became my true love

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Thanks! I was definitely considering switching programs because Clip studio was the only thing I have that’s decent. I will probably start using Krita because I’ve heard about it before, and it seems to be better than what I use now.

Thanks :smiley:


Anytime, I’d love for more people to get active on my art threads here! :wink:

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I hate Clip Studio. So confusing lol.

Just look at lots of reference photos not to mention practice alot. Study your poses and shading and you’ll be good. I buy classes on Udemy…so if that might help go for it.

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I love photoshop. I can’t honestly tell how difficult it is, cause it was a subject at uni. But it surely has a variety of tools fr drawing.

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