Disabled Lives Matter

I wanna rant about it. I’m sick of the way people treat disabled people. We are classed as “God’s failed experiments” and therefore we don’t matter. So yes they bring the fancy laws to “support” disabled people but let’s be honest. Has anything actually changed.

Let’s take the Covid pandemic for example. Before corona, the company I was working for were thriving and they were always looking for people to work and they employed anyone and I mean anyone! That’s how I got the job. I’m just someone they needed to help line the CEO’s pockets while working on minimum wage. But guess what happened when the pandemic hit?

Disabled and sick made redundant FIRST!

Then you have people who give disabled people “special treatment” just to make themselves look good on camera. Celebrities are the worst!

Well guess what? Disabled people are HUMAN BEINGS! Just because we’re “disabled”, doesn’t mean we can’t contribute to the community like everyone else. We CAN do jobs, we CAN work! So stop looking at us as a liability and start treating us like HUMAN BEEPING BEINGS!

Rant over

Disclaimer: Every individual has different needs and some can’t work because of varied reasons but I’m not talking about those who can’t physically work. I’m talking about those who are able to contribute but are not given the chance because they have a disability.

The fact that no one has even replied to this thread says a lot about people’s behaviours towards disabled people

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That’s just plain rude

Respect it earned Josie
Don’t make sh!t assumptions about people around you and expect them to be nice and understanding🙂

People aren’t obligated to comment on threads, even if they support what you’re saying it doesn’t mean they HAVE to comment. And same goes the other way around, possibly the people that would even comment are the people that don’t even agree with what you’re saying, so?
You’re more than welcome to rant and make your opinions on a public threads, but that’s your choice, and it’s other people’s choices whether they want to comment or not. Doesn’t mean they behave like sh!t to disabled people whatsoever.


I mean it’s night time in a lot of places and people certainly aren’t obligated to comment on public threads lol


Respect usually goes both ways. You shouldn’t assume


Just a highlight


right, I saw this, but I didn’t like or reply because I was tired

that doesn’t mean I don’t support it


Well since this is in your OP responding to it is on topic and I really hope you realise that. If you wanted the people above me to write what they think about what you said then you kinda drew their attention away with this and again since it’s in the OP it is on topic, it’s a pity really.

Also it kind of reminds me of those things on Facebook that say “if you don’t share this you’re a heartless monster” which just plain isn’t true, sharing a post may be seen as showing support for something but it is not the only way and it is incorrect to assume that based off who replies to your threads :eyes: I was asleep when this was posted as I assume many others were.

So you have your responses now but I doubt they are responding to the part of your post you wanted them to respond to :eyes: so I’ll try to add my response to that.

Yes discrimination against disabled people is terrible and absolutely shouldn’t be a thing and I feel like when people say they want to end discrimination they should always include abelism (which correct me if I’m wrong abelism is discrimination against disabled people) if I’m using the term wrong I do apologise. It’s good to raise awareness about this kind of thing in my opinion. I have actually been seeing alot more awareness raised.

But also in my opinion it isn’t really a good thing to assume everybody on the forum is abelist because they didn’t respond to a thread. I said it before and I’ll say it again, people show support in their own ways but also there are alot of threads on this forum being made all the time it is possible they just didn’t see it.


I was just giving an example in general. It’s not just like that on threads. It’s like that in reality. We chant disabled lives matter and no one gives a damn. The fact that everyone paid more attention to when I said at the end rather than the main thread proves my point really. This is exactly what I’m talking about. We are gas lighted like that everyday. I purposely put that at the end as a little experiment and every one of you failed.

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Read my reply

Please read my reply. It was an example

Read my reply on what I just said. It was an example

Read my reply. I was giving an example

I did read your reply when I was responding and to me it doesn’t seem like an example, it just seems like a statement and tbh my point still stands :woman_shrugging:


It was a low key experiment I wanted to see which one people pay attention to more. Apologies if it came across as an assumption but it wasn’t

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An experiment?

So when you are trying to get your point across about disabled people getting discriminated against you also conduct a social experiment? :thinking: I have to say that is an interesting method which I don’t think I’ve seen used before.

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Maybe if you used the discussion tag instead of that little experiment more people would have responded but in all honesty I don’t have much to say about this thread other than I basically agree which is what I did say in my reply.

I do have alot more to say about a sentence that comes across as an assumption of people’s attitudes towards disabled people.

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I think it’s a more effective way to prove my point if I have data to prove it.

I could arguably say that the data would be flawed since there are 750 users on this forum and only 4 people responded before you revealed things :thinking:

Maybe but it’s better then no data. We all have to start somewhere.

Yeah but if I was in a debate with someone and they said

“100% of people who responded to my thread failed the experiment”

I would want to see the numbers

100% in this case = 4 people
Total users on the forum = 750

It’s just not a strong piece of data, as a business student I had to do quantitative data research all the time, I don’t think people will take it seriously :eyes: