Discuss the app: Instagram

Do you like Instagram in general? Why or why not?

How often do you use it?

What’s the best part about using it and the worse?



Yes, I do have Instagram. I have 4 accounts. 2 are episode accounts: one for art and one for my stories, and two are my personal accounts: one for my main account and one for a spam account which I just keep my friends updated on random things in my life. I used to use it every single day, and I would post on my spam account every day and on my aim account weekly, but not in barely active on both main accounts.
On my author account I rarely use it, just to chat with some internet friends. On my art account I post weekly


I think the best part of that I get to keep in contact with my friends and I also get to meet a great community of people on there. You get to share a lot of creations and find a lot of supportive people. The worst part about social medias is what comes with it which can lower your mental health.
I do like Instagram, it’s the main social media app I use other than SWF

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I just post my sh!tty art and what’s happening in my life.

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I mainly use Instagram to post my art and contact my friends. I haven’t posted on my personal account since the summer of 2019 YIKES. Because of school and college apps, I haven’t been able to draw as much so my art account has been dead for about 2 months.

I’m not a big fan of social media, but Instagram is one of the only platforms I use. On my personal, I use it solely for communication and on my art account, I use it to stalk fellow artists and post my own work.

Oh, and it might be worth mentioning that the Episode community on Instagram is pretty rad (the same cannot be said about the EF, however).

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I have Instagram
Use it’s quite often
Rad app


Instagram is easy to use. Easier than Facebook and Twitter. If you are someone who is obsessed with photographic representation on social media, Instagram is a fairly good app to use.

I think the cons would be that I can’t post using desktop or laptop because Instagram lets you post only through the app. Other than that, I don’t find much “bad” things about it (except when we are talking about mental health stuff etc then that’s a different thing).


Instagram is alright, I guess. I think it was still 2018 since the last time I posted on my personal Instagram account, but I still use it every once in a while to post 24-hour stories and to message my friends.

I use my Episode Instagram more often since I use it to share my Episode edits and also to stay updated with the stories of my favorite authors. I also use it to view memes, cool videos, and art.

Overall, I would rate Instagram with a 4/5 score. It’s not perfect, but it’s more convenient for me to use considering my mental health.

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I use Instagram everyday. I have two accounts, one for Episode, one is my private. Instagram used to be my main choice of social media, but it is slowly becoming terrible. Some updates have ruined the app. Beginning with the algorithm changes, now changing the bottom tab to add a shopping section. It has become a money grab and more of an influencer and brand sharing app than anything else.

I still use Instagram and I don’t see myself getting rid of my account. I just hope it doesn’t get worse in the future because that would be unfortunate.

I hate it because it was my first bad experience with social media, but I also like it because it was part of the reason I came here (to distract myself from Instagram) :eyes::sparkles:

I love insta. Favourite app, to be honest

I’m waiting for a message from a singer I followed…I hope she replies.

I like instagram tbh I never used to understand why people talked about it promoting unrealistic body expectations but then I realised that all that stuff wasn’t showing up in my feed :joy: but yeah I don’t dislike it, I don’t really message anyone on there I just use it to keep up to date with bands and music I’m into.

And well, we know I run the official instagram for the forums so I just get a whole bunch of episode edits on my feed and stay up to date with all the drama in that community :joy::joy:

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