Discussion: Are all fantasy books based off of the Bible?

The fantasy genre is one of many mysteries. One of which is ‘where the hell did they get that idea?’ With so many different types of fantasy stories, it’s hard not to wonder where the inspiration came from. For some fantasy novels, such as the Chronicles of Narnia, that source is clearly the Bible. However, others seem to have indirect Biblical references. So to you I pose this question: can all fantasy be traced back to the Bible?


I don’t think so. Due to the outreach of the bible, there will obviously be some parallels with popular tropes in the fantasy genre, especially good vs. evil or a ‘chosen one’, but saying that every book is based off of the Bible is really discounting all the creative ingenuity author’s authors, especially if they themselves aren’t Christian.


No, I think that there are a few, such as C.S. Lewis’s Chronicles of Narnia series that will hold biblical elements and links. Such as Aslan representing Jesus and Jadis representing Satan. However, most fantasy books that I see and read hold little to no links with the bible. Another thing to remeber that while C.S. Lewis was an atheist in his earlier life he later became one of the greatest advocators for Christanity and I feel that it was reflected in his writing.


Considering the Heroes’ Journey can be traced back to the bible, I don’t think it’s a stretch to say that it had a lot of bearing on modern fantasy as a whole. Jesus’ (And Heracles’ in Greek stories) journey is retold again and again because it’s the ultimate type of motivational magical stories