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I came across this article of the Sun:

What do you guys think of this? I personally find it very disrespectful and disturbing that they dig in so much on the personal life despite knowing that her children don’t want this and definitely don’t want all the new attention that would come with it :grimacing: I’m curious to hear opinions!


Can the media please leave Princess Diana alone? She’s dead already, you’re hurting her family even more!


Yeah, I agree with you. They should just leave her alone, it’s just not fair towards her, like why broadcasting all these very personal things when she passed away… And they should take into account what this does with her family, it’s just not good how they do this kinda behind the family’s back :confused:

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It’s very inconsiderate, really.


It is actually disrespectful because she has a lot of attention on her and more people will see it and believe it without her even saying anything about it yet



It definitely doesn’t seem like this was handled well at the least :thinking:

I don’t have nearly enough information to really make a decision for myself any further than that

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