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So like, I once saw some Doctor kinda shaming plus sized people and how it wasn’t healthy and stuff and how he didn’t really like the movement or something. I think it was Dr Mike, probbaly wasn’t exactly what he said but yk it came off like that.
Now, I don’t like when people say stuff like that/don’t like the body positive movement because it’s “unhealthy”. But what I think is that if someone is overweight and is at risk for something, they can go to the doctor and work on that themselves, rather than shame a bunch of people for how they look.
Like, it’s not really any of my business what another person’s body looks like lol. Even if they are unhealthy or something, that’s between them and their doctor- you really just can’t judge.
There’s a plus sized youtuber who I watch that is vegan and extrememly healthy! Like, she has a nutritionist, works out everyday, eats so healthy… etc. She’s helped me understand that just because you’re overweight doesn’t mean that it’s always from doing the wrong things, eating the wrong foods- because there is nothing wrong with being plus sized or overweight.
What do you guys think about it?


I just think that the people that shame the body positivity movement think that the body positive people are saying to be unhealthy, but it’s not that at all! It’s just about not judging other people’s bodies or your own, and loving bodies of all different shapes and sizes!


so, touchy subject for me cus of my history with doctors, my weight and my developing eating disorder.
I am clinically overweight. I have big legs, a ‘fluffy’ stomach and rolls when I bend over.
Maybe I can’t believe it myself yet, but that is normal. Our bodies have stomach fat to protect our organs. Our legs are big because they’re full of muscle to carry us around. The same with our arms.
The BMI scale was created by a mathmetician, who I’m pretty sure stated at one point that it was never intended for medical use.It doesn’t take into account people with high muscle mass (like me), or people with high bone mass, or maybe just people who’s metabolism and bofdy is better suited to higher amounts of fat. Every body is different, and one scale will never be able to define us all.

Just because someone is fat, or skinny, or flat when you think they should be curvy, or curvy when you think they should be flat, it is not your place to comment on it. If their doctor is concerned, it’s between them and their doctor. You don’t know what that person’s been through. They could be recovering from an eating disorder, and commenting on their body could cause them to fall back into eating disordered behaviour. Would you like to be responsible for that? Didn’t think so.

As well as that, doctors aren’t always right. For those who are concerned over their weight, talk to a doctor, talk to multiple if your unsure, but don’t forget that ultimately it’s up to you. Your body is tailored to you, and you shouldn’t have to live in one you don’t like, or you can’t maintain healthily, just because some doctor thinks it’s good for you.

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There is nothing wrong with being plus size, being “slim” is not healthy omg, being slim/skinny can also be considered unhealthy and people loose weight when they are sick also so I don’t understand why people are just so hateful?


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Body positivity is definitely a relavent subject but have any of you heard of body neutrality? If you have then what do you think?

Is body neutrality better than body positivity?

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What is body neutrality exactly? Sounds cool.

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From what I understand it’s not loving your body but it’s not hating it either, it’s more just about accepting the body you have without feeling like you have to be over the moon with how you look, for many people it’s just far more attainable than body positivity


I think that’s what I have most of the time tbh. I do get insecure sometimes but it’s more so about my health.

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I mean, to me that sounds like positivity 'cause it’s not negative. Though I’m not too positive about myself. HA

I am more about body neutrality than positivity tbh. Why? Well cracks fingers here we go….

I feel that the body positivity movement is very very exclusive IMO. They seem to exclude cancer survivors, burnt victims, amputees, vitiligo, stretch marks and cellulites.

Self love doesn’t mean you should eat or starve yourself to death.

Don’t get me wrong, I don’t agree that being skinny/slim is equivalent to being healthy and of course there are a lot of plus size people (this includes men because let’s be equal here, larger men exists) that workout and balance eating.

Remember, BMI is a huge load of nonsense!

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I do love body positivity tho. But Idk I don’t like focusing on my body a lot. There’s a plus size Youtuber I like that is really healthy/works out and is plus size and shows that you can be healthy/live a healthy lifestyle and not be slim.

I try to see people’s bodies as nobody else’s business but their own and maybe their doctor’s.

Body positivity was created for people with disabilities, poc, and people with things that set them apart from the ‘norm’ (stretch marks, illnesses, scars, missing limbs, albinism ect.)

Body neutrality, although a nice idea, has ableist undertones. Many people describe body neutrality as not concentrating on whether your body looks good, just focussing on whether it works and does what it should. This infers that people like me and many others, whose bodies do not work as they should, have less value. That we need to be ‘fixed’. Body positivity, real body positivity that is (not the fake bs that Instagram tries to sell you), accepts that all bodies are different, and all bodies are beautiful BECAUSE of those differences. Nobody is worth more or less that someone else because of how they look or how their body functions. Everyone is equal, everyone is beautiful.

Basically, Body Positivity is undoubtedly the movement I will always support, but it should most certainly be recognised that there is a difference between the toxic body positivity you see on insta, tiktok, facebook ect. and real body positivity which is all around us

Ohhh! Now that does actually make alot of sense :thinking: I didn’t really see it in that way because I was like it’s just accepting how you look without feeling like you have to be over the moon so I saw it is rather a mindset than a movement :joy:

But the abelist undertones associated with the propaganda of the body neutrality movement isn’t something I’ll ignore. It’s still so true that there are many abelist undertones present in things that seem innocent.

Edit: I do just wanna clarify that I never promoted the body neutrality movement myself, though I did misunderstand the intentions :sunglasses: I only mentioned it here to guage opinions. I’m glad I found out more about it through asking that.

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no worries lol, a lot of people just hear someone going “body positivity is bad because you shouldn’t be obsessed with how you look” and run to body neutrality without ever looking at the core of the movements. You took time to look :man_shrugging:

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