Discussion: Chicken Pox

So chicken pox is actually super unrad, it’s kinda painful and covers your body in spots, it’s also super contagious. The old wives tale says you can only get it once, I have had it twice and so has my brother it’s not fun. What do you guys think? Have you ever had it?


I had it when I was a toddler, so I have no memory of how the pain and the itch felt like. I still have a few Chicken Pox scars all over my body, but they’re barely noticeable anymore.

It’s actually very rare for someone to get it twice because in most cases, the body gets immune to the virus once you have contracted it, unless the virus is reactivated by certain factors. It could also be a misdiagnosis.

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Yeas i’ve nevrr had it but yeah it seems really unraddd because my friend and her twin brother had it like some years ago

I’ve had it once when I was really, really young so I don’t remember it

My friend had it and she wasn’t able to give her finals in 9th grade. It was super unrad according to her.

Lol it feels like chicken pox aren’t even real. I think I just lived my life up until now thinking it’s a childhood myth.

Never had it though.

fact, in Denmark they are called skoldkopper, this is not a direct translation, but its basically mean spotted sunburn.

but I never had it, glad there is a vaccine.

Never had it but my mom did and you can still see where the spots used to be. :eyes:

That’s so weirdddd.

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Most of them are gone but there’s a very visible spot on her leg, she showed it to me and I was scarred. :star_struck:

Yeah no-
I never had it and I hope I never get it- it seems so painful

I think I’m immune. I’m :sunglasses: vaccinated :sunglasses:

I had chickenpox when I was like 2? Yeah, and I spread it to my brother. I can’t really remember because it was such a long time ago but I’m lucky that I don’t remember and I don’t have to experience it again.

I never got it. My dad got it in his childhood. He said it was a traumatic experience for him. His whole skin was covered in rashes. He experienced high fever for 2+ weeks and he experienced a lot of weakness.

It took around 4 weeks to get cured and another 4 weeks to regain his strength.

I got vaccinated for chicken pox as well as measles in my childhood so I’ve never experienced it.

I’ve never had chicken pox because I got vaccinated against it as a kid, but I think my mom had it when she was younger