Discussion: Discord and Voice Chat

Discord is an American VoIP, instant messaging and digital distribution platform designed for creating communities. Users communicate with voice calls, video calls, text messaging, media and files in private chats or as part of communities called “servers.”
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  • Do you use discord? How often?
  • How many servers are you in? Have you created any?
  • How often do you go on voice chat (VC)? Have you ever VCed on the ShanniiWrites server?
  • What type of games do you play on VC?
  • Do you have Nitro? Would you ever consider getting Nitro?



Yes, presence frequency depends on my mood, but I go there mainly because I want to listen to convenient music :eyes:

7 or 8? And no xD

Seldom, and no-

I mean I did but only listen.


no and no I think

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I don’t have Discord.

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I only talk in vcs if I’m comfortable because I’m a shy af introvert like that :pensive:

  • I only talk if I’m friends with the people I’m vcing with
  • Who tf talks

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I might get it for VCs.

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Yes and as often as I want lmaoo
If the server is particularly active tho and people are in vc then I go on several times to tell myself I’m going to join if this person does and then never do :star_struck:

7 or 8 maybe more than that idk
I created one but that was just because I wanted to test things, I deleted it a while ago

As little as possible
If there are big groups of people then I’ll probably join because its easier to not talk in groups than in intimate gatherings

I have, I have :star_struck: Also with you if you recall hehe

Among us is the only one I’ve ever done


YES hehehehe we need to do that again :sunglasses:

LMFAO mood

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Should I?

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It’s funny tho 'cause I’m less likely to talk in groups tho because of how easy it is to not talk :laughing: I just cant keep up with the conversationnnss lmao

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I use discord a lot, i am in editing group so it was require for a majority of them but i like it. i don’t use voice calls often except to when im listening to music or we’re playing some sort of game like among us, sometimes i screenshare my laptop and we watch youtube videos or i edit live

but i made like 7 or 8 servers and i’m in 12 rn besides the ones i made

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Not often enough. I check it every weekend or two to see if any of my old friends from EF are online. That’s pretty much it :eyes:

I am in like 9 servers but I mostly chat on EF server, lol.

I created one a year ago for school but not many joined so I left too lmao.

A lot. But mostly with people I know from real life because trust :upside_down_face:
I have never VCed on SW server.

I used to play on Club Penguin using VC but left after CP online shut down. Then AU came and I use it only with known and trusted players :eyes:

No, thank you :star_struck:

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Every day

I’m probably in around 15 servers, but I’ve only created like 2 tiny ones

Uhhh once to a few times a week usually

Yep :eyes:

The who wants to break to awkward silence game

No and nope it’s too expensive

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To join or not to join. That is the question.

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Discord is constantly up on my computer. It’s how the heads communicate. I used to VC all the time though since starting this job it’s harder given that I’m working when everyone is on.

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Discord is rad. VCs aren’t. :eyes::sparkles:

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One :joy: and no

Whenever the radlads can :sunglasses: and yes obviously

We do arts and crafts
Right @passionfruit

Do I look like a bank to you-


VCs are rad, discord isn’t :roll_eyes: