Discussion: Ebooks or Physical Books?

It’s been a while since we had a discussion like this, so I thought I’d add a new one for us to talk about!

Physical books or ebooks?

I have a few questions to get us started:

  • Do you own many physical books?
  • If you have ebooks, which service do you use? Kindle?
  • Do you have a big ebook library?
  • Which one is easier for you to read?
  • Which one do you prefer?
  • Does saving the planet factor into your choices?
  • Do you write on your physical books?
  • Do you use the annotate function on ebooks?

I’ll definitely be expressing my opinions in a bit! :wink:


Yeah my house is full

I have an old kindle and a kindle fire

It’s not as big as my Mums but yeah :joy:

This is hard to answer, nothing will compare to that book smell and I love having something to hold and turn the pages of. However, Ebooks are so much more convinient you can adjust the font size and the lighting plus it’s easier than carrying a ton of books with me everywhere. I still love physical books I just dislike when other bookworms are like “you’re not a true bookworm if you use an Ebook” as far as I’m concerned it doesn’t matter what you use just as long as you’re reading.

Kinda I mean it takes alot of paper to make one book so making alot of books means that alot of trees would get cut down. Unless the book is made out of purely recycled paper of course which I have seen. However Ebooks have their own carbon footprints too, think of how much pollution is caused in the production process and how much electricity you use when charging them.

Only during my GCSEs :joy:



No I don’t own a lot of physical books …my parents think I read them wayyy too fast so they say no books for me :frowning:

I use wayyyy too many: kindle , Wattpad , all books , inkitt , webnovel , dreame , play books ( and more but I am too lazy to write them all down )

I think by the amount of apps I use it kinda becomes obvious that I do :joy:

I guess both of them are easy to read , like I have my phone with me almost 24/7 , but then I carry a physical book everywhere ( it’s a dilemma …can’t actually answer this )

Definitely physical books , I don’t know it just has a different feel to read the physical copies of something rather than the e version of it

I guess not seeng as I prefer physical books …but I actually never considered book reading with planets so :woman_shrugging:t2:

I write everywhere I can , but I do have a designated book for like writing down my thoughts for a book chapter or something , but if you meant like write on my story books then definitely not , that’s the worlds most cruel thing that one can ever do

I don’t think I know what annotate function is so …

I guess I wrote a little too much for the answers but I can’t help :joy::eyes::woman_shrugging:t2:



An interesting fact I learnt (but I can’t remember where from): you’re more likely to remember things from a physical book because it plays on your spacial memory, too. Like you might remember that the piece of information you’re thinking about is halfway down a page somewhere in the middle of the book. When you combine that with other ways we remember things, books are an efficient way to retain information.

Ebooks with pages are the second-best because you automatically associate a placement on the page with a fact! but the fact that you can’t see how far through the book you are (except as a visually meaningless percentage) impedes the success.

Ebooks with a scroll function are the worst way to retain information! Isn’t that fascinating?

Or maybe I’m just a massive nerd.

@bookJunkie Your username definitely gives away your passion for reading :wink:


That really is interesting to be honest. Also in terms of education it shows that the most reliable way to teach the pupils about the book would be by using a physical copy instead of using technology. Our teachers tried to make us all buy devices to use for reading but I wanted to be able to write it down within the book because I’d find it easier to revise with :sweat_smile:. So I’m glad that I stuck to my physical copies, I use my kindle when I’m in the dark or if I can’t get a physical copy but I’m desperate to read it :joy:.


I think the best way (and the way I teach my tutees) is to buy both – if they have the money. And they usually do if they’re hiring a tutor!

Since you have to read the book more than once to get it in an English Lit setting, read it the first time as a hard copy. Then read it again as a hard copy just before the exam. In between, do all the notes on the ebook, since the search function makes it much easier for you to find your own notes! :wink:


Not really… I am a miser so I used to read from the library or ebooks but I started actually buying books this year and I have managed to get twenty so I’d say that’s not too bad. One day, I want to have a sperate room in my house just for books.

Team Physical books forever!

I love holding the book in my hands and just smelling the paper or running my hands over the cover and keeping it in my cupboard like a prized possession.

I mean, there are other ways to save the planet. Cutting short on books just shouldn’t be it. :sob:

Depends what book it is. If it’s a school book or stuff, I have notes all over it, underlined stuff and meanings and lots and lots of flowcharts.

But my novels? Oh they could still pass for new. :joy:

I only read ebooks when I really really wanna read this one book but can’t get it for some reason.


That sounds logical, my Mum buys both physical books and the Ebook versions of them so she can read them on the go :joy: I should probably start to utilise the annotation function as since my GCSE I get the constant urge to annotate everything.


SAME! I read Frankenstein on holiday and it looks like a total mess. But I hate unnaturally broken spines, and I had to break the spine to write on it at some points, so I hide it now :joy:

I’m weird. I need the spine to break slowly with old age and love, not be wrenched apart straight away


You gotta have the foreplay. Open the book gently, not enough to break the spine. Caress the pages softly. Take in the sight, the smell, tantalise the book until it breaks its own spine :eyes:


This one time I had a book and the hard cover fell off :slightly_smiling_face: I now hold it like how I used to hold my choir book during a performance :joy:. I like to show my books love but not gonna lie you can see where they have gotten worn down. When my Mum gave me her Artemis Fowl books she used to read them in the bath so they had water damage plus my nose bled on one of them but I can remember the word it covered :joy:.


I wish I could say this, but I always accidentally blunt the edges


I had this friend at school who was my only reader friend and she owned Game of Thrones. So we exchanged books and she did not return mine for over two months and when she did, it had blunt edges. I cried for a good ten minutes after I saw it.


There may have been times when I bought the book again because of water damage. But I did give the old ones to charity!

Have you ever re-bought a whole set of books because you have one that doesn’t match the cover of the others? :eyes:

I did it with Harry Potter when my grandma lost my Philosopher’s Stone


:joy: I know that feeling! My mum borrowed my Outliers book (Malcolm Gladwell) and she’d obviously pulled the spine open, so it would constantly open on the same page. I gave cried and then gave it to her. She can keep it. I don’t want it anymore


Alot of my books are from my Mum. We have all of “a series of unfortunate events” all but one of them have the same cover. The penultimate peril has a different cover because my Mum bought it from America so I really want to get the cover that matches :joy:.


That is so relatable. Either I’ll have it the way I want it or I won’t have it at all just because it hurts to look at it like that. :joy:


It sets off this weird book thing in my head. Just like broken spines :cry:


even more so with Skulduggery Pleasant because the paperback book spines create a picture when you put them together! But my two hardbacks of the recent book are signed by Derek Landy, so I’ll need to keep them and buy the paperbacks


Like I got a shelf more but I am to lazy to get up and take the picture of the other one