Discussion: Films and TV Shows Theme about Water/Ocean/Sea in the Title!

Ironically, even though I hate going into deep water I will still watch shows that are about deep water. I have watched a myriad of different water based movies and tv shows. I will list below some of my favorite movies which are in many genres. I think the reason everyone has an interest in films based on the ocean is because we have really only scratched the surface of the vast ocean in our world. It holds a mystery that we are still learning even to this day.

  • H2O original & Sequels - I have to admit this series always caught my interest because I love mermaid stories. It’s about three teenage girls who make a trip to Mako Island where they are magically transformed by the moonlight into mermaids. They have to learn how to keep it a secret which leads to a lot of drama through the show.

  • Siren - This is a new show I found on amazon in the last year or so. It’s about a small coastal town who are known for having mermaids it’s waters as a tourist attraction. Though unbeknownst to the locals the myth is real but the mermaids are much different then the mermaids depicted in the local legend. This show is really good! It just got renewed for season 3!

  • Jaws Series - This a cult classic that had to be listed. This series is always on the top of any ocean thriller movies. I think it’s classified as a thriller. I love all of the Jaws movies since the had a more finesse quality then any of the new shark movies. Everyone should pretty much know the plots to this series. Giant Great White shark starts killing people in the small town where the locals have to hunt the shark down to stop it’s killing spree. Pretty much all you really need to know when you watch this series.

  • Deep Blue Sea - I listed this movie because in all honesty I like this film. Even if there some cheesy parts in it. It has Samuel Jackson in it! So the movie is about team of scientist working on a project where they genetically enhanced a group of sharks. There more intelligent the most sharks but one starts acting very strange. It starts to kill all the other sharks being the biggest one in the group. Eventually the shark breaches the facility security measures where it starts hunting down the humans in the lab facility.

  • The Water Horse - This movie is based on the Lochness Monster Legend. It’s based during WW2 in 1942. A little boy who lives in a manor near the Loch; he finds a strange egg when he goes exploring which he brings it home. Later the egg hatches into a little water dragon without wings. He takes it on himself to keep the baby safe by protecting it. Very cute movie!

  • Lake Placid Series - Another cult classic water based movie series. Giant alligator stalks the people who unfortunately decide to enter Lake Placid. The old lady who lives the near the lake knows about the alligator which she tries to warn them. I really hate this series it something about murky water and a deadly animal doesn’t sound satisfying to me. Yet I think I watched all the movies in the series.

  • Finding Nemo & Finding Dory - These are two of the top childrens movies that are water based. I watched both which were adorable.

  • Sharktale - I love this movie! It’s about two fish who end up making an unlikely agreement to help each other out. Though problems arise with their plan which comes to a dangerous situation that they have to deal with before anyone gets hurt.

  • The Little Mermaid - Another cult classic from Disney! This is one of my favorite Disney movies. I even liked the sequel they made. Ariel, a mermaid princess, falls in love with a human prince. Her father forbades her from seeing the prince ever again which pushes her away. She swims into the arms of Ursula, the sea witch, who gives a chance to see the prince again but at the cost of her voice.

  • The Swan Lake - Animated show about the tale of the The Swan Lake Princess. Very good movie!

Answer these questions:

  • What is your favorite water themed shows/movies?
  • Why are they your favorites what are they about?
  • What genre do they fall under?




Jason is in Search for his dad and someone ends up in ancient atlantis with pitjagorous and hercules


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I love H2O! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=acW1hA5cCag

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Atlantis the Disney movie?

It’s so underrated!

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The show by the BBC

Though the Disney version is definitely underrated

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Oh, never watched it.

I did watch the movie and it was super interesting

Oh yeah! I loved that show! Too bad they cancelled it though.

Me too!

Oh! That’s the one I forgot to put in the post! I love that movie!

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I’ve recently seen The Meg! It’s a nice movie about the Megalodon.

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Cool, I haven’t seen it yet. Is it good?

there was so many unanswered questions

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it’s really interesting! A bit unrealistic but if you have some free time watch it!

I know right! They didn’t even bother to end the story properly. It was such a lackluster ending.

JAWS! The greatest film!

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Lol yes!

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omg I LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE this movie. How much the cared for the creature, diving underwater, having fun and escaping danger. Reminds me of Free Willy, but different.

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Mako mermaids

Ugh…H2O was way better. No offense. Mako Mermaids feels like a rip-off

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Me too! It’s one of my favorite water movies! I love the creature so much!