Discussion: Game Series

I like playing game series because you get more information on the story. Instead of being a single-game franchise, you end up with multiple storylines that enhance the story. Now, there can be pros and cons to game series. Much like movies, the sequels never live up to the original game. Many games have suffered this fate which ended up killing the franchise in the end. Continuation is another big factor that can get screwed up pretty easily as well. The first game ended in a certain way; then the second game starts in a totally different direction. This is a con that some older series suffered from. For instance, there aren’t many Harry Potter games that aren’t only on Xbox, PlayStation, or pc. The video games do not actually follow either the book or movie’s timeline. They changed certain parts, which were really annoying, but it was still a good series. Sometimes those continuation mistakes can actually enhance the game series because it catches the players’ interest. It gives you another perspective that you didn’t get with the original product. There have also been game series that excelled with flying colors, but in the end, the series was scrapped by BioWare. Technically, the Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic game series is a victim of this outcome. They made two games which were very popular but there some complaints about the second game as per usual any sequel. In the aftermath, BioWare ended up pulling the plug on the third game. Though I think their MMORPG Star Wars: The Old Republic is the third game in the series. Many people disagree with the concept, though, so there are multiple petitions for the third game to be made. Supposedly, BioWare actually listened. They have a sequel in the works for the trilogy, but I think it’s just a rumor. Now, we get to The Sims, one of the biggest game series franchises in the world. These series have evolved multiple times over the past decades. The fourth generation has gotten a lot of backlash due to multiple issues in the newest series. My favorite game series would be Harry Potter since I use to play those a lot when I was younger. My least favorite game series was Lego games…those games annoy me the most.

What do you think of Game Series? Do you like to play them? Do you think they are tiresome? Is there a game series that you hated the most? Is there a game series you loved the most?


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Fear. Loved the game series… but fear 3 made me hate the game series since it was that disrespectful. I will always love game series though because they can do well.

Doom is my favourite series though. 1 and 2 you’re a lone marine whos fighting demons (but making it clear they’re locked in with you)

Doom 3 is the worst but its not bad. It’s just meh. A horror game but still fighting demons, its just you’re the weaker one.

2016 and eternal. You are the demons nightmare. 2016 literally points out they had to drop a mountain on your head to knock you out and lock you in a coffin. That entire game you’re the most powerful and its normally a case of the demons trying to overrun you with numbers.
Eternal is the sequel, its harder but makes you more awesome.

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Interesting games! I’ve never played them before! I have heard of the first two game series but not the 2016 one. I might have to check them out.

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Oh 2016/eternal are the doom series xD
2016 is a reboot for doom while eternal’s the sequel to that reboot.

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Oh okay! I didn’t realize that! Still might need to check them out though.

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Yeah both are really good (but eternal is a difficulty jump compared to 2016)

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Okay, good to know!

All game series’s can have a bad game or two in them, some just never get better after the first game, or some do but at some point they just stop