Discussion: Long-Distance Relationships

Since this week’s theme is True Love, I decided to make this thread :sneezing_face:

A long-distance relationship or long-distance romantic relationship is an intimate relationship between partners who are geographically separated from one another. Partners in LDRs face geographic separation and lack of face-to-face contact (credit: Wikipedia wowoow :ok_hand:)

  • Have you ever been in an LDR?
  • Do you believe that LDRs can work?
  • Have you ever felt that LDR is actually better than SDR (short-distance relationship)?



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I dated a guy who liked two hours away, once.

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No sm

I guess i dont really knoww tbhh

I would say that i prefer sdr more than ldr sm

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I mean I’m pretty sure I’ve read a study that it’s like a 50/50 kind of thing, a flip of a coin.

I mean yeah, if it leads down to the two (or more) people in the relationship actually meeting and being together in person. Honestly both is good whatever the own couple prefers, for me I don’t mind.

Thank god he was far away, because if he went to my school, I’d be arrested for murder.


Honestly, yes. I think it mostly depends on the person but yes!

Well, I don’t know. I don’t want to say anything because I’ve never actually been in a LDR but I don’t know how I’d feel about it. I need a human touch so I’m not sure how I’d feel not having that

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They definitely can! But they may not be something that works for everybody and that’s totally fine. Some people are more into the physical aspect of things as well as the feelings side of things and there is nothing wrong with that! They take just as much work as any other kind of relationship, you still need to communicate and as long as the feelings are there then rad times.

I’m not gonna go into detail about 18+ stuff on the main forum :blush:

I think that depends on the people in all honesty, some people are fine with not having their partner physically there conveniently and for other people, they benefit having somebody “within reach”


woaw diana Im proud that you will go to relashunship :sneezing_face::ok_hand:

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Nonono relashunship sm but just like from what i’ve seen sdr go better than ldr sm

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Yea they’re miserable

I mean if you make them work, then sure.

Nope. I prefer to be able to see the person in real life.

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And Idk
sounds not preferable to me but haven’t been in a relationship, let alone a long-distance one

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I’ve been in a relationship, but it had to turn long distance for an amount of time if that counts. It was difficult. Well, he ended up cheating on me :smiley: and now I have commitment issues. But I don’t think LDRs are for me, they just don’t work out in my case

I believe it can work for some people, but not all. Everyone is different. Some people’s love language is physical contact so they need that occasional or consistent touch in order to feel loved. It really depends on the person

Idk, I don’t want a relationship. It’s not my thing tbh

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My first sucked.

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