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Not sure if there is a thread about poetry but I will write about it anyway if there isn’t a thread about poetry. I’d like to know if you write poetry yourself and I am pretty sure there are some authors that do write poems when they’re not writing stories haha.

  • What got you into poetry?
  • How old were you when you started writing poetry?
  • Favourite poem you have written so far?
  • Would you ever publish your poems?
  • Who is your favourite poet?

How did I get into poetry? Well when I was 14-15 years old, I was inspired by bands such as Parkway Drive, Avenged Sevenfold and other bands I used to listen to when I was younger. I really enjoyed reading other people’s poems when I was in school (talking about when I was studying GCSEs). Somehow, I had writer’s block which stopped me from writing poems that I ran out of ideas. My favourite poems I have written so far has to be Thorn Of Rage and Beautiful Blasphemy

If you haven’t seen my poetry blog, I have posted a link to the Forum under a different thread so here it is:


I made up songs to everything when I was a kid, I never wrote them down so they’re lost now except for a few little rhymes my parents will reminisce on every once in awhile when they look at me and remember I’m a grown up. I started writing proper in elementary whenever I was asked to and it took me a sec to figure out you can do the things you enjoy in school outside of school. My language arts teachers were always really cool and in 7th/8th grade the teacher cut out hundreds of words from magazines and we all took a handful and made poems. That’s when I found the style I like, using as few words as possible and strategically arranging them to paint a little picture.

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Oh man, I can relate to that. I remember when me and my cousins were little we used to add chicken in most songs like whenever we sing Lady Gaga’s Pokerface the lyrics go like this:

I laid an egg, I laid an egg
And it cracked
Then a chick came out of it.

Lol all because I randomly said “It’s a chicken” :joy:

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I’m not really sure, I think I just found something on the internet one day and liked it so I searched for more. I had a bit of a break from it for some time and a friend of mine gave me poetry book so I got back into it.

Around 9 or 10 years. I started writing songs but one time I couldn’t find a melody to the lyrics and declared it a poem :joy:

I don’t have a favourite one, I normally like the one I’m writing at that moment the most, but once I finish it or a week later, I dislike it :sweat_smile:

Yes, some of them but not all of them because some are too personal

I don’t have a favourite because I normally don’t care who wrote it. I often don’t even look at who wrote something.

I do quite like poetry, especially nonsense poems because they make me confuzzled

I do like serious poems though too


I like reading poetry but lord can I not write it to save my life

Why did I read this as Discussion: party

I really like poetry but I suck at writing it so I just enjoy other people’s poetry :innocent:

I love poetry, especially spoken word poetry. That hits differently!
I wish I could write it but I can’t even if I tried hard…

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cos youre a lil bih

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I LOVE POETRY!! i am bigg poet
i like et, and im suscribe to button and they always be makin me cry :sob:

can i share onna ma poems
i like to think that i can poet but idfk

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I don’t really know. It just drew me in.

I’ve wrote poems for school, but I wasn’t much interested. When I was like 14 years old, I started writing poetry.

My favorite poem I wrote is ”why I love you”

Yes. I joined a class that includes poetry and prose for next year. It’s basically a magazine organization for my school.

I don’t have any, but all are amazing!

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why do people call it spoken word poetry? wtf is that
i was taught it as “slam” thats way cooler

like anger through metaphors
spoken word sounds like a really pretentious cliche


I loveee poetry, and I especially love slam poems, I think they’re soo cool
Myself, I don’t really write poems, only sometimes and I don’t think I’m any good but sometimes it is fun to let my feelings out in a poem.

What do the rest of you think about poetry? And have you written it before?

I just found this and wanted to share it!!

I love reading poetry but I never used to write them, only stories.
That was until I joined one of the writing competition on here and I decided to try writing one for the first time. I was happy about it. :brown_heart:

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Aw wicked, what did you write your poem about?

Also, I left a link to my poetry blog on the thread if you’re interested in checking out my poems.

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