Discussion: Reality Shifting

Recently in my feed I’ve been seeing this come up a lot so I wanted to find out more about it.

It’s become a TikTok trend and basically it’s about leaving your CR (current reality) and going to your DR (desired reality) using various different methods, this article explains it more.

It also says that some believe it to just be lucid dreaming whereas others actually believe they have entered a different reality.

So question time @Discussions

  • Have you ever heard of reality shifting?
  • Do you think it could be dangerous?
  • Have you ever tried it before?
  • Would you ever want to try it?
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TheOddOnesOut made a video about that 2 months ago as well:


I’m conflicted. I do believe we can travel places during dreams but I don’t believe there’s like a literal Harry Potter universe that you can go to.


Is it like daydreaming? Or like imagining stuff in your head?

Nah they don’t like it being described as that apparently

It’s similar to astral projection except you “actually” go into another reality, a popular one apparently being a Harry Potter reality

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But isn’t that what it is :weary:

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yeah :joy:

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Tbh I’ve done it twice now and I have absolutely no control over it and just recently I shifted to a reality where I had a daughter who was kidnapped and I was about to save her but not before she was hurt and I did things to the kidnappers that I don’t even have the ability or knowledge to do. I believe it was real so much I awoke crying cuz I made that reality version of my kid a promise I’d never leave her alone and we fell asleep in that world and I awoke in this one and I’ve tried going back but no such luck.

Ps forgive me for the run on sentences and I appreciate anyone for reading this it’s been driving me a bit crazy I really want to believe it was a dream but I can’t shake how real everything was. Also it’s not the only time I’ve astral projected the last time I remote viewed and got lost in my closet and my roommates cat lead me back