Discussion: Retro Fashion

Let’s talk retro fashion! Retro fashion is a term that describes items of clothing from a past decade. Depending on how you define retro, different things may come to mind when you think about it.

  • In your opinion, what is retro fashion? How old does the item have to be for you to consider it retro?
  • Have you ever worn retro fashion?
  • If you haven’t, would you?

A style that imidates past trends. It has to be at least 15 years for it to call it retro fashion.


Sure, why not!

I’d call something retro if it’s from before 2000, but I’m sure there’s a better definition :sweat_smile: I don’t really like those clothes on me but there are people that look good in them!

@BeautyEssentials What do you think about retro fashion?

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