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(Most) Schools these days use them. Tablet/ipads/ laptops and who knows what more. Where I live, kids need an iPad for class and they need to have the one that school says is best for them. This leaves parents with having to pay 150 a year for the tablet for a total of 3 years. What do you think of this?
Is a school allowed to force (underage) students to buy laptops/ tablets?
Or should the school have special school tablets/laptops that stay inside school?
And if those school tablets laptops get broken by a student should the student pay for it?
What is your opinion on school wanting you to buy an laptop/tablet for school?






I’m using a school laptop right now if we break it, yes we have to pay for it and it is a specific type of laptop. We are not allowed to use MacBooks :roll_eyes:

I feel like it’s a lot easier using laptops and tablets for school, instead of writing, you can type or the teacher send you the class notes and it also makes learning fun!

I mean, the school blocked some sites that we’re not allowed to go on. Like in school, I even tried getting on the forums but it was blocked, that’s the only thing I don’t like about them :eyes:

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It’s pretty annoying that you can’t use macbooks I mean if you gotta pay for it at least let the people decide temselfs between macbook/linux/windows.

And I agree with it being a lot easier. However I hate how schools need the newest stuff for children not thinking about families that aren’t able to afford that. I had a great Ipad at home that my brother could use for his school but his school didn’t allowed that and forced him to buy a brand new one.

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These devices can be really expensive especially for parents who may not be earning enough income to support their family so I think it’s best for the school to at least provide those necessities for students.
Also it should be up to the parents to choose which laptop or tablet they want to buy for their child because not everyone is rich ok :woman_shrugging:t5: so schools should not decide.

When I used to go to school, we were never allowed to bring those devices unless stated otherwise by the teacher if we had to do a project.

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In my high school, each student received an iPad at the beginning of freshman year. It was a very tech-friendly school. Because of it, we didn’t have textbooks and anything on paper really, almost everything was done though digital means. We were encouraged to use technology.

How well something like this works depends on the school and how the system is being run. My high school was very different from most, so I really can’t say much in comparison to other schools with this.

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