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So, I realised today I make lots of noise while typing, and I have no idea how to type quietly. :rofl: First of all, quiet typers, do you have any tips on how to type quietly? :white_heart:

And I have some questions:

  • Are you a fast typer or a slow one?
  • Loud typer or quiet typer?
  • Can you touch type?
  • Do you prefer typing in the day or night? Stupid question.

My answers:

  • I’d say I’m quite a fast typer, unless I’m trying to be quiet.
  • Too loud.
  • Yes, but in a weird way.
  • Evening.

Rather fast, I think

Quiet, I don’t want others to hear that I’m typing :sweat_smile:

Yes, I learned it at school.

As long as I’m not too tired, both is fine :joy:


I am a very fast typer!

Very loud hahaha!

Yes because my laptop is also touch screen



It depends on the language I’m typing in :eyes::sparkles: I can type quite fast in English or German because I know exactly where the letters are, but it takes me a lot of time to find the letters I’m searching for when I’m trying to type in russian :eyes::sparkles::sweat_smile:

Both :eyes::sparkles: I can type quietly if I have to, but it calms me to hear the sound of typing so I usually type loudly :eyes::sparkles:

I don’t know what that is :no_mouth::sweat_smile::eyes::sparkles:

Night, less humans who annoy me while I’m typing :eyes::sparkles: There’s a woman on the train sitting next to me and staring at my phone screen right now and she turned away while I typed this… :eyes::sparkles::joy:

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uh uh you good?

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Somewhere in the middle, I think. :thinking:

It depends.


I don’t really have a preference.

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I’m a fats Tyler who is almost silent cause I have phone keyboard so you can only hear it if you listen, cause I don’t punch the screen when i type.

  • In the middle, leaning slightly towards the fast side.
  • It really depends on what I’m using. My PC’s keyboard crunches really loudly while my laptop’s pretty quiet.
  • Somewhat. I developed a strange way of typing. I use my index and middle fingers for most of the keys.
  • NIGHT, ALWAYS. :new_moon:



I’m a fast typer but being fast can make me miss some grammar errors.

Actually, I’m a quiet typer but I can get loud if I’m not paying attention to my typing.

I can only do this when I’m going really fast on my laptop but I have a touch keyboard on my Lenovo
yoga book.

Night time, I’m insomiac which means I’m up until really late at night.

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I’m a fast typer lol I type so fast I don’t see all the mistakes


I am not a slow typer but people would say I am, but that’s only cause I really think about every word I say before sending a message but I can type really fast

Average I guess, I don’t make a lot of noise but you can hear it a little bit

Yepp, but only on my laptop…

In general night but that’s more because I am an evening person and don’t like doing much in the morning


My average typing speed is 29.5 words per minute on a computer keyboard.

Medium noise

Indeed I can

Both, no preference :grin:

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Don’t slam your finger into the key, hover your hand above all your keys and gently press the one you want.

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  • Somewhere in between. A little slow.
  • Loud! How do you become a quieter typer?
  • What’s that?
  • Day. Although the night is an ideal setting.

What are y’all typing preferences?

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Hmm I like typing while listening to music because I have learned to type without looking at the keyboard now. I prefer being a silent typer though.

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  • Are you a fast typer or a slow one?
    Fast :eyes:

  • Loud typer or quiet typer?
    Quiet :shushing_face:

  • Can you touch type?
    Wdym :thinking:

  • Do you prefer typing in the day or night?
    Idrk :woman_shrugging:t3:

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Bump! :smile::hibiscus:

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