DISCUSSION: Website-Builders VS Coding a Website

Website-Builders VS Coding a Website

  • Have you ever tried to create your own website?
  • Do you prefer website-builders or coding the website yourself? Why? Pros and cons?

Website-builders: for example wix.com with drag-and-drop to build a website, no coding skills needed.


I have! A lot of times, I’ve never released them, but sure will soon!

I actually do both! I think that the online builders are nice and easy to use, but they can never beat traditional coding - since there are some many more possibilities and you just have more influence over what you’re doing! I know some online builders allow you to code as well, but I’m not too keen on that! :woman_shrugging:t3::woman_shrugging:t3:


Oh, give me a link when you do lol :heart_eyes:


Totally. I think the online builders are nice to use to see the layout, but it’s more difficult to implement different functionalities with builders.

Haven’t seen much of that.

But nice to have another coder here! :smile: I will have a coding school in React this summer… Do you know React?


Haha! There probably won’t be anything interesting there! :woozy_face:

Very true! I tried using wix a while back! It’s nice, really simple and doesn’t require any experience. It took some hours for me to get the hang of it, but at the end of the day, I was already able to make a really nice looking page - but what sucks here, is that you have to pay for a subscription so you can create custom links and get more features! :weary:

Yeah… I think you can do it on squarespace.com or wix.com I always forget which one tho! :crazy_face:

no, i think that I might have heard of it tho, what exactly is it? :face_with_monocle:


I’m sure there will! Especially if it’s your art :heart_eyes:


Oh, cool! Haha. Thaaank you!

It’s a framework for JavaScript that facebook uses. So basically JavaScript and HTML stuff to build web applications. I don’t know what it is really, but I know how to use it HAHA.


(Angry ooo), I hate coding. I swear, coding hates me. I will start coding something, follow all the directions, then something goes wrong and I can’t fix it.
So someone is gonna have to build me that website. Otherwise I’mma be throwing my monitor out the window.


Oh no! I’m sure you’ll get a hang of it! I can help with some languages hehe


I know the smallest amount of Javascript. I was going to start trying on Episode, but then they changed everything and started becoming insufferable so I completely left everything. I’ve given up on it all :rofl:
But thanks for the offer :joy:


That’s cool!

I must have missed this lol XD

Nooo don’t give up!

Well if you want to learn a bit of javascript, html and css this summer join my coding school. However, I can’t promise any quality teaching hehe :sweat_smile:


Thanks, but I am not a patient person. Like, at all. So coding is rough for me :joy: especially when I keep getting things wrong.


Hahaha alright, as long as you enjoy yourself with something, I don’t know lol


Maybe :eyes::eyes: at least something along those lines

but same… I know a lot of stuff but I actually don’t necessarily know what the definition is or something! :crazy_face: I’m a lot more familiar with HTML rather than JavaScript, but I’m working on it! I still don’t know what exactly are like clauses, conditions, but I know what they do and how to use them, I should look into that more! :joy_cat: I’m going to check it out! Do you have a link or something? :eyes:

Just hiding our off topic conversation

Haha sameee :laughing: I don’t know what clauses are either, but I probably use them hehe. I should look into it though! Especially if I’m trying to teach it to others.

If you have node.js installed you only have to write npx create-react-app my-app on the command line and you’ll get the React app template thingy lol. Note sure what link you want. Here’s their website https://reactjs.org/ :smiley:

Okay I’ll hide this too 😅

Yeah, you probably use clauses, I think they’re relevant when using sql, tho I haven’t used it in ages! :sweat_smile: I think that they are probably smth like SELECT * from blah blah… but then again - who cares about the terms! :crazy_face:
Ooh okay! I’ll definitely check it out! You mentioned you have a summer course - is it for free, what are you going to learn there? :face_with_monocle:


I had to make one for a class! We didn’t have to worry about domains or server hosting, but we did code the websites.

Website-builders, definitely! Using HTML and CSS is pretty bad and they’re quite annoying to get to work well (although I have used CSS to reformat some websites with margins and indentations because that’s a pet peeve of mine). Website-builders can spare you a whole lot of the time, although might not have all of the customization options. I guess implementing JavaScript really depends on the website-builder that you’re using, but the major difference is paying to use the website-builder, versus having to spend all that unnecessary time looking up the code.

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