Discussion: Writer's block tricks

Writer’s block, many people struggle with it. There’s a blog post on Shannii’s blog about some ways to deal with it.

I hope you’ve read that already! :smile_cat:
Here are some other tips from me to overcome writer’s block:
• Go for a walk
• Do sports
• Brainstorm ideas and write them down in bullet points
• Play games
• Develop a writing routine
• Take a shower (or just a break)

Do you have any other tips?
What do you think about the tricks in Shannii’s blog and the one’s I’ve listed?
Have you tried any of them and did it work for you?


Lately I’m doing more sports than usual (thanks to @fraud) and I really feel more relaxed and ready to write after that. Before doing sports, I often just want to force some words or a good plot out of my head but there’s nothing. And after or while doing sports, I just get good ideas without even trying to. Maybe it has something to do with hormones that get released through doing sports or it’s because I just get my mind away from everything for some time.

It think taking breaks and getting away from writing and everything that has something to do with it really helps me. I just get so annoyed of myself when I can’t write anything good because of writer’s block, getting away from that is not only good for my writing but also for my sanity :joy:

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Hahahaha why am I not sporting too? :sob:

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because you don’t have Writer’s block and you’re studying :joy:

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