Disney Fanfic Sharing Thread

Since our theme of the week is Disney, I’m curious if any of you have written Disney fanfics! Share the fanfic below or a link to wherever it’s posted!

@Writers :eyes:


Nope. Never. Sorry.


I’ve never even written a fanfic-

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does marvel count because if so-

Im actually getting back into writing fanfics, but it’s interesting to think about. Could you even right a fanfic like that? Because in most other stories that are fanfic-able there’s a whole universe that the character lives in (harry potter, hunger games, etc) but in most ‘Disney’ Disney movies the universes revolve around the characters instead.

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I’m gonna say yes, since they own Marvel :eyes:

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Well one of my fanfics im in the process of rewriting and one I haven’t even finished yet so :sunglasses: pretty sure its still on fanfiction.net and/or wattpad though if you care enough to go looking for it-

I would like to brag that I did get featured on Marvel amino with one of my fanfics though

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Oh yeah, Mansquito, its a collaborative book thing on Forgefiction, its a Spiderman parody. I wrote chapter 15

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