Disney+ vs Netflix

Sooo Disney+ and Netflix are two content platform that give you the ability to watch all kinds of shows, movies, and short films.

Disney+ has more and most of the Disney, Pixar, Marvel, and more kid approiate shows while Netflix is much more filled with not only kid appropiate films, but anything more matured themed.
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If you’ve used both, what do you like better and why?

Do you like one over the other because there is more range to the kinds of films YOU personally like to watch, do you like one over the other becauase you like their style or theme better?

@ScreenSloths do you like Disney+ or Netflix better?


so disney+ works a bit diffrent from europa, we have gotten star added to disney+, its basically Hulu, but on the Disney+ site, because we don’t have Hulu in Europe,

most Hulu series was on other sites,I cant speak for other countries, but in Denmark its divided on Viaplay, HBO nordic. and Cmore.

personally I like them both, they have very different things, its very little shows both have. so there is a lot to see, I don’t have TV anymore and this two are cheaper than what I paid for tv

We don’t have Disney+ so… I’m stuck with only Netflix but I don’t mind that. I love Netflix

Personally, I think that Netflix is better for tv shows and original content, but Disney+ has better movies, especially with the addition of Star

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