Divergent discussion+poll on fractions

Which of the divergent factions would you belong in?

There are a lot quizzes on this but this are 2 options: this and this one.

  • Dauntless :fire:
  • Amity :deciduous_tree:
  • Erudite :eye:
  • Abnegation :handshake:
  • Candor :balance_scale:
  • Divergent (I think that’s a possibility in one of the quizzes as well)

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Feel free to discuss divergent here in general, what do you think of the world and who are your (least) favorite characters?


I’m definitely not Candor lol, but I’ll take the test and see what I am.

I got Dauntless, but I think it must’ve been close with Erudite :thinking: I wish it told you what the percentages were so you would know

I got…erudite? :thinking::white_heart:

Ahh, I was literally just thinking of Divergent yesterday! I’ve thought about wanting to make it into a RP before but also have no idea what the goal would be

Rip, I can’t see myself as any of the factions, I’ll take the quiz soon though!

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A mix of Erudite and Candor

Happy Birthday!

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Thank you dear :smiling_face_with_three_hearts::yellow_heart::chocolate_bar:

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Oh yeah, let me take the quiz now!

Ok, so on the first quiz I got abnegation but I definitely would not choose that because I’m a pretty selfish person tbh

And then for the second quiz I got factionless which would be pretty accurate tbh, none of the factions fit me rip

One quiz said I’m candor and one said dauntless
So yeah hail divergents

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Okay, so I took both quizzes again and got Candor on both. I used to get abnegation and divergent a couple of years ago but I guess things have changed. :balance_scale:

Fun fact: Divergent was one of the first series I successfully read in English and enjoyed. :dizzy: