Diverse Cast Thread

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I was thinking–Why don’t we bring the diversity thread over to here?

Come and share your diverse casts! We’d love to see it. Be able to state and/or explain your casts background and much more as you want! You’re allowed to comment and give advice on how to make your characters from your casts look better and filled with more variety. Just remember: Diversity is NOT a checklist.


My Characters: Sydia’s Family



Her Siblings

Tyrell - 23

Lorraine - 18

Reyansh - Twin (Fraternal) - 17


Cardinia - 48

James - 50

James Family

Zaida - Mother - Siddi (Tribe) - 75

Eshaan - Father - Gujarati - 79

Currently hospitalized

Ila - Sister - 54

Ajay - Twin Brother (Fraternal) - 50

Cardinia's Family

Marlee - Mother - Aborigines - 73

Omeo - Father - Aborigines - 74

Cardinia’s Family are Muslims along with Sydia’s Siblings and James, while his side of the family is Hindu.


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I’ll post my cast here, seeing as this isn’t an episode forum and I can :eyes::eyes:

Kito characters have cultures, ethnicities and racial features similar to people on earth, however it isn’t earth so there are of course differences!


Accent is roughly close to central belt Scottish
Pale White skin/ features
Has severe anxiety/ PTSD/ Depression


Posh London accent
White skin, slightly tanned
Has severe PTSD


Royal RP Accent
Pale skin/ Asian Features
Has anger problems/ antisocial traits
Is a ‘Wight’, or a zombie!


Posh Scottish Accent
Pale white skin/ features
Religious (the Holy Circle, or Christianity)
Has PTSD and severe social anxiety


Well-spoken Germanic Accent
Black skin/ Features
Has Depression and Anxiety


Heavy Northern English Accent
Tanned skin/ Mediterranean features
Prone to violent mood swings, bottles things up too much


English/Scottish Mix Accent
White skin/ Features
Religious (the Holy Circle)
Has Depression


Scandinavian Accent
Pale skin/ features
Religious (The Way of Gold, or Buddhism)
Has bouts of severe Depression and Apathy


Well-spoken Japanese Accent
Tanned skin/ East Asian features
Trans/ Homosexual
Has Depression/ Anger problems


Russian Accent
Purple skin/ ant-like features
Religion? What is?
Is an ant


Mild African Accent (Difficult to place exact country)
Light black skin/ mixed features
Religious (the Fist of Man)
Has Anti-social tendencies and anger issues


Mild African Accent (Difficult to Place Exact Country)
Black Skin/ Mixed Features
Religious (The Fist of Man)
Incredibly low self-esteem. A lot of internalised guilt and anger that can get him in trouble


Light English Accent
White/ White Features
PTSD/ Depression. Anger Issues and slight anti-social tendencies




From what I see, the characters are dark-skinned (or at least most of them). May I ask: are they supposed to be Afro-Americans or some of them aren’t? If not all of them are Afro Americans, can you say what’s their racial ethnic identity (I am just asking)?


Are you talking about my characters?


If you are, James Mother is apart of the Siddi Tribe and his Father is Gujarati. That makes him half of both. Cardinia’s mother and father are both Aborigines. That makes her fully Aboriginal. Sydia and her siblings are mixed with all three of those ethnic identities, making them a quarter Gujarati (Indian), a quarter Siddi, and a half Aborigines. None of them are Afro-Americans.




Hope you don’t mind if I will show some of my diverse characters:

Jewish characters

Nationality: Israeli
Background: He was born into a Sepharadi haredic family, but he left the house and became to off-the-derech (=path, in Hebrew) person, meaning that he left his path as a haredi and became into secular (but he still keeps kashrut).
Religious outlook: Agnostic
Sexuality: Bisexual


Nationality: Ethiopian-Israeli
Background: She was born into an Ethiopian family. Her family is traditional.
Religious outlook: Believier (but not a devout one)
Sexuality: Queer

Feige Rachel

Nationality: American
Background: As you can see, she’s a religious character, and so is her family.
Religious outlook: Monotheist
Sexuality: Heterosexual

Natanael ("Natie")

Nationality: French-Israeli
Background: he was born into an Ashkenazi family, in French. When he was 9, he made an aliyah to Israel.
Religious outlook: Believier
Sexuality: Secretly bisexual

Christian characters

Nationality: German
Background: She was born into a secular-religious family.
Religious outlook: Atheist (she became an atheist person altough she was raised up as a Christian)
Sexuality: Lesbian

Brianna ("Bobbie")

Nationality: Afro-American
Background: She was born in New Jersey, into a Baptist family.
Religious outlook: Believier
Sexuality: Heterosexual


Nationality: Well, she has both Israeli citizenship and American one.
Background: She was born to a Russian mother and an Arab-Israeli father.
Religious outlook: Believier (not a devout one either)
Sexuality: Pansexual

Yeong Ja

Nationality: South Korean
Background: She was born into a Catholic family in Suwon, South Korea.
Religious outlook: Agnostic
Sexuality: Asexual

Muslim characters

Nationality: Arab-Israeli
Background: She was born in Lod, Israel into an Arab family. She’s not religious.
Religious outlook: Atheist (was raised as a Muslim, but she chose to be an atheist)
Sexuality: Bisexual


Nationality: Afro American
Background: She was born into an Afro American family that is a part of NOI community.
Religious outlook: Believier, and she’s having a religious lifestyle, but not wearing a headwarp.
Sexuality: Queer

Note: her eyes color isn’t really purple. :grimacing: Her great-grandmother was born as an albino person. Sorry if I made any misunderstandings about it also because I am typing too fast and may write something that I didn’t even want to write so it’d not create misunderstanding. :grimacing::grimacing:


Nationality: Somali-American
Background: She was born in Somalia, but immigrated to America with her family. And her family is religious.
Religious outlook: Monotheist
Sexuality: Heterosexual


Nationality: British
Background: He was born to Iranian immigrants, in Britain.
Religious outlook: Agnostic
Sexuality: Homosexual

There are way more diverse characters, but that’s all that I will show :wink::blush:


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Omg. I have a lot from nearly all of my stories…


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Although they’re not main characters from my stories, I still wanted to share them.

Felicity from Resilience

Rayne, Emma, and Scarlett from Easton High School



Reina Lominatova

Role - One of the Main Characters, shes also the one who originally sets up the group.
Gender - Female
Age - 26

Weight - 189 pounds
Height - 5 ft
Hair Color - Dark Brown
Hair Style - Short, Braided
Eye Color - Light Blue
Body Type - Plus-Sized
Identifying Marks - Is missing her index finger on her left hand due to a baking accident.

Mannerisms - Stress eats, Taps her foot constantly
Motivation - Her bakery, she wants to succeed on this quest to get the money needed to keep it open.
Flaws - Doesn’t take proper care of her health, can be far too stubborn
Prejudices - Positive that anyone who uses any sort of ritual magic is evil.
Talents - Baking and organizing events
Hobbies - Cleaning and creating recipes
Personality Type - Talkative and outgoing

Rip Handimalon

Role - One of the Main Characters, also the first one besides Reina to join the group.
Gender - Male
Age - 24

Weight - 135 LBs
Height - 5 ft 6
Hair Color - Ginger
Hair Style - Long, Wavy
Eye Color - Hazel
Facial Hair - Mustache
Body Type - Lean, Skinny
Identifying Marks - has a birthmark in the shape of a large R on his forehead

Mannerisms - Gets nervous around most mammals, clicks his tongue when bored
Motivation - He wants to finally impress his father for once
Flaws - Can be very judgmental, has a slight addiction to money
Prejudices - Believes that everyone who is bigger in size is a lazy, slob.
Talents - Math
Hobbies - Sales and spending money
Personality Type - Cold and divisive

Laurence Leftington

Role - One of the Main Characters, the second person to join the questing group
Gender - Male
Age - 29

Weight - 211 LBs
Height - 6 ft 7
Hair Color - Blonde
Hair Style - Short, Curly
Eye Color - Dark Brown
Facial Hair - Short Beard
Body Type - Lightly muscled
Identifying Marks - Has freckles all across his face and body

Mannerisms - Bites his nails when scared
Motivation - Experiencing something adventurous
Flaws - Has a bit of a mean-streak
Prejudices - Hates rich, spoiled people
Talents - Shockingly skilled at swimming
Hobbies - Working Out
Personality Type - Warm and friendly

Ebony Blackworthings

Role - One of the Main Characters, the last and most reluctant person to join the questing group
Gender - Female
Age - 19

Weight - 78 LBs
Height - 4 ft 9
Hair Color - Ginger
Hair Style - Long, Straight
Eye Color - Bright Blue
Body Type - Petite
Identifying Marks - Has a large scar across her collarbones

Mannerisms - Bites her lip when frightened, scratches her ear when nervous
Motivation - She wants to find her aunts crown – to avenge her families legacy
Flaws - Often does things for the wrong reason
Prejudices - Feels that people not related to her are selfish
Talents - Reading and creating maps
Hobbies - Reading classics and studying ritual magic
Personality Type - Dismissive and quiet

Luca Reinheurt

Role - One of the Main Characters, the third and most excited person to join the questing group
Gender - Male
Age - 23

Weight - 122 LBs
Height - 5 ft 9
Hair Color - Black
Hair Style - Medium, Straight
Eye Color - Dark Green
Body Type - Muscled
Identifying Marks - Is missing one of his eyes due to a magic accident involving a rabbit, a hat, and a slice of pizza

Mannerisms - Pinches or scratches his arms
Motivation - Wants the money to get surgery to replace his eye
Flaws - Blames other people for his terrible actions
Prejudices - Thinks that anyone who likes rabbits is an insane maniac
Talents - Magic tricks and Strategy
Hobbies - Studying and Spell Casting
Personality Type - Careful and Concise

I just realized everyone else has images with their characters, and I uh dont.


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Better updated cast from my story: Maple Ridge

Jacquees - Aborigines (Australian) American

Main character, is Catholic, and is dating Elijah

Elijah - Jamaican - Homosexual

Jacquees’s Boo :stuck_out_tongue:

Delilah - Bantu (Tribe) + Black Irish - Heterosexual

Muslim and has feelings for Roy

Roy - Angolan - Heterosexual

Is Muslim and has feelings for Delilah too

Hayden - Sudanese Australian - Asexual

Hella short and sarcastic

Ibrahim - (Black) Libyan - Heterosexual

A practicing Muslim and on a wheelchair

Nakim - Haitian + South Indian - "None of ya business"

A Sikh, blunt, and tall af

Yaro - Ethiopian Albino - Omnisexual

Music lover and plays the piano

Kacy - Nigerian - Lesbain

Loves making/ filming videos and has Leucoderma.

Oana - Ghanaian Albino - Bisexual

Has a beautiful singing voice and wears a cast on her arm (Temporary)

Zara - Aboriginal Australian - Heterosexual

Knows how to sew different types clothing and loves to go shopping

This took me way too long to post. Now I’ll have to post the next one. :sob: I’ll do it later.