Do all Episode stories have a diverse cast?

I’ve read a lot of stories where the authors do include a very diverse cast, but there are others out there that really aren’t diverse at all. Most main characters are the same age (teenagers) and nationality. A lot of them even talk the same and have similar hobbies, like clubbing and partying.

Do all the stories you’ve read on Episode have a diverse cast, or have you encountered a few that are far from diverse?

And… does not having a diverse cast make a story less appealing to you?


A few, but I think over the past years, diversity has become more of a priority in stories, so a lot of stories include people from different nationalities, genders, sexual orinitations, ages, races, religions, etc.

Yes, because it shows the author put no effort into the story. Unless it purposely isn’t diverse because of the story (ex. high schoolers are main characters of a high school story, you can’t expect age diversity with that)