Do mass PMs of a person promoting their story turn you off from reading it?

While I have been lucky enough to never have to suffer through stuff like this, hearing about it always bothers me. I probably would be less likely to read someone’s story if they were just trying to spam their story everywhere. It’s one thing if a friend asks in a thread, it’s another when someone’s just PMing people with the sole purpose of making people read their story.


Definitely does :pleading_face:

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It dose unfortunately


It actually does… when I used to write webnovelas, people would send a mass PM to every user on the forum to promote their stories, and it really annoyed me and turned me off from reading them.


Yep, I personally don’t like it and it doesn’t feel genuine, just annoying.

I’m lonely so I get excited to be messaged then just see it’s someone promoting their story :disappointed_relieved:


It really does!

Depends on what the story is about

Yeah, it used to annoy me a lot too

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I never knew that was a thing…like I see it is possible but i didn’t think about it

Tbh, this doesn’t really happen for me and only happened a few times on Wattpad and I did help them out/read their stories. One time someone even like gave me this code for this website. Didn’t know how to use it so I didn’t, but they were pretty nice.
But I definitely wasn’t reading these stories for fun and never continued afterwards.