Do you find some games scary?

For somebody who is a huge fan of scary games I will say yes! There are some games where after watching the lets play I’ve just though “maybeee I’ll wait until I play that one” :joy: I enjoy it though!


I’m a huge scaredy cat so I couldn’t even play the game granny or slenderman. :joy::joy: I do have some scary games that I want to play but I would rather play them with other people.

Some games are definitely scary! There are a lot of horror games that I’d probably get incredibly startled playing

Some games are definitely scary but that makes them even radder ngl

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Dude, I have to play Slenderman. Can you get it for iPad?

Can you? :pleading_face:

There was a a computer game called Women’s Murder Club where you had to solve murder cases. That game seriously creeped me out, and I could finish it.

I wish I could play Doki Doki Literature Club.


ew no

Yeah I guess so, but more in the sense of it puts me on edge and then I’m paranoid. Particularly zombie killing FPS games. Some worse than others, but if I play them for a while, I find myself paranoid the rest of the day.

n o