Do you follow artists on Social Media?

I used to follow a lot of artists on Insta, but now I think I only follow Miley Cyrus. She’s been my idol since forever so yeah. I generally like to keep my following list short because I want to see what people I care about are doing, but I also want to know what my favourite artists are doing and Miley just happens to be one of them ahaha

  • Do you follow artists on Social Media? :thinking:
  • If yes whoa nd why?

I follow most if not all of the bands I like just to stay updated on what they are doing

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Nope, I barely even use social media :eyes:

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I dont have a personal account and i dont like to follow them on my episode acc so :star_struck:

When I had insta I followed the best artist I know @SpookySherry :blush:

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I used to but then I got bored and unfollowed all of them one by one.

I still follow artists I love on social media! Gotta stay up to date :sunglasses: so many people have asked how I stay so up to date and I’m literally just like I use instagram.

Everyone else? :eyes:

Yeah, I do! It’s a really easy way to stay up date with my favourite groups and they post some really cool stuff every once in a while!

I follow a lot of the artists I listen to on social media. I love to be able to see who they are in a more typical, social setting. Oh and posts about their music is another reason why I follow. I like to get updates.

Yeah, I follow Post Malone, but he never posts anything, which is ironic considering his name… :roll_eyes: :roll_eyes: :roll_eyes:

I used to just follow random celebs that I used as muses in my previous stories, but I got bored of that quickly, especially after I stopped writing a story and no longer associated them with my characters.