Do you get a lot of snow where you live?❄️

Where I live we do get snow sometimes but it’s more in certain places that aren’t really close to where I live.
In my city last time we had snow was like 2018 but I wasn’t living at home so I missed it :broken_heart: and before was like 2009 so no we don’t get it a lot :joy:

What about you guys? Do you get snow often? Have you ever even seen snow?



Not a lot. Sometimes during winters we get snow, but sometiems there’s winters where we get no snow for the entire season


never nope :sunglasses:

Non, it doesn’t snow here :eyes:

We usually get 1-2 snowstorms that keep us locked in for a week each year

The snow started to to become less and less here over the years. World’s getting hotter bois. :sunglasses:


No, we don’t even get rain often. It’s always hot.

Sometimes we get snow, but it’s mostly frost :sparkles: well whenever we get snow everyone goes crazy :rofl:

Nope :eyes:

We never get snow here :man_bald:

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Thanks bro :joy: @AS007


No. The cities near to mine got snow last February but my city only got “ice rain”.

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Bangladesh is no snow country

Not really maybe 1 once in two years :joy:
It hasn’t snowed here since like 2018 :eyes:

I live in the center of the equator
We don’t get it :weary:
But I’d love to play in the snow one day :raised_hands:t5:

When you live in Florida :sleepy: :broken_heart:

It depends if you’re in the city or in the mountains! But yes, we do, every year :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

In India it only snows in Jammu and Kashmir.
Other than that no where.

Nope, it’s getting warmer because of climate change

Yes we live close to Canada, I’m hours away from being a Canadian :sob: