Do You Get Bored Of Watching Certain Films?

Hi, yes, I do get bored of watching certain films.
Most of them are Sci-Fi and Action movies and sometimes, a few fantasy movies as well.
I can watch them once and enjoy it, but not again. Idk why, it’s weird…

Anyway, are there any such films you are bored of watching?

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Umm… yes, but I can’t think of any right now

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If I watch it everyday then yeah but there have been times where I’ve just turned a movie off halfway through because I got bored despite really liking the movie

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I remember watching the Peter Rabbit film over and over, it became awfully boring. It was too painful for me to watch it again, I tell ya.

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It really depends on many things. If I’m invested I’d never get bored even if it was the worst film ever

To be honest, I usually get bored watching horror films only because I’ve seen so many and I’m such a horror fan so I have high expectations and almost always end up being disappointed

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If I can’t connect with any of the characters, yes.

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