Do you have a 'ritual' for when you are writing?

I don’t have a particular ritual, but I usually prefer writing in the morning or the evening. Never in the afternoon; it’s too hot and I usually feel lazy during that time.

I used to go have coffee and write my story, but now that I can’t go out, I always write at the dining room table.

  1. Put on jam music
  2. Write 5 chapters in the span of an hour
  3. Never touch the book again
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Lock myself away from civilization.
Do a few writing exercises to get me in the zone.
Listen to the playlist I created for the story.
Have food and snacks around me while having a clean workspace.

On the occasion I can’t sleep, I review my plot, look over my character sheet, make some mood boards, plan some scenes, remove some scenes and maybe proofread what I have written already.

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Sacrifice my little brother to the elder gods

I don’t have a ritual but I only feel like writing when I can write for hours in a go. I don’t like taking breaks or knowing that I have to do something else in thirty minutes. :nerd_face:

Dang you beat me to the sacrifice joke :joy:

Anyway everything I do is a ritual of some sorts so yes there is a ritualistic aspect to my writing