Do you have any superstitious reading habits?

Alright, I will admit I do follow some of these superstitions but I have also broken many of them. Here is an article naming off the different book superstitions. I will just name a few of the ones I follow also that I have broken.

The ones I go by:

  1. You must finish what you started. - Even if it takes months to do so with said book. The only time to break this is if the book killed your interest to the point you don’t even want to pick it up anymore. Cough. Cough. Immortals Series.

2.If you are looking for a specific book you will find 5 more other books. - This is so true no matter how often I go to a bookstore, online bookstore, or even in my visual novels.

  1. Always carry a Second Book! - Trust me, I made this mistake during exam months at school in my sophomore year. I didn’t have a second book which put me in a really bad mood.

The ones I have Broken:

  1. Never Dog Ear Pages - Sorry, but I do this because most of the time I do not have paper nearby to use as a bookmark. Though I really only do this if I’m in a rush because most times I have one in the book already that is if it’s not a new book.

  2. Don’t Break the Spine - Uh I loved the book so much that it did it on its own. This only happens on books that I have read a bazillion times over. Mainly, my Warriors Series and Guardians of the GA’Hoole Series.

  3. Books have Feelings - There are many books in my room that probably hate me because I haven’t finished like 60% of them. I’m trying to get myself to read again so hopefully, I can remedy that issue soon.

Do you have any superstitious reading habits?



I do. Where I come from, people often say to never leave your books open when you’re gone otherwise the knowledge and interest of learning will “fly away” from them. Always close them after reading.

It’s superstition and I still believe it.


I have never heard of that one before. Very interesting!


Ooooh… I like this. That’s a super cute superstition.


I don’t! But it’s so interesting to see all these superstitions people have!


I know right!

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Not really, but the ones Wolfie has mentioned are interesting…

@Bookworms Have any reading superstitions to share?

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Umm… (thinking face)

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Ooh, I think there’s one when if you sleep on a book, you’ll absorb the knowledge from it or smth like that.