Do you like binge-reading Episode stories?

Incoming unpopular opinion…
I don’t like binge-reading that much, unless the cliffhanger is so good that I can’t sleep not knowing what happens in the next Episode.
I don’t know why I’m not a big binge-reading fan; maybe it’s because when I like something, I don’t like to ‘use it up’ all at once.
With books, food, and shows (when I used to watch shows), I’m pretty much the same way.

What about everyone else?


I generally don’t binge-read either, actually. I only binge-read when I like the story so much, and I only did it with Cetrinda.

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Yeasss if the story has an amazing plot and im addicted to it or if i just finished a cliffhanger episode :author_stareyes:


these days i’m just looking for more stuff to binge read i finished all of the stories in my favourites and I NEED TO READ MOREE :triumph:
i’m barely on the app now because all i see is overly cliche stories and it’s getting kind of drag :frog: :droplet:



when i was younger, i used to be addicted to episode. i would binge read for so long, and each time i’d set an alarm reminding me whenever my passes were refilled. i’d even wake up early haha. as i’m older now, i don’t even read episode anymore, i only have the app to make art. i started reading less and less episode stories, so now i just have a bunch of unfinished stories in my favorites

if it’s a story I’m very interested in, then I’ll want to read it very fast. it isn’t very often I read episode, but when I find a very good story I like, I like binge-reading it.

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Yes I used to love binge reading episode stories, especially community horror and thriller stories because they are well written. :brown_heart:

I used to binge read the contest winners for horror stories

I used to do that with every romance story but I don’t have the app anymore and I’m not interested in it

Yes, binge reading is fun :star_struck: I once read a story with 33 episodes in less than 24 hours