Do you like folding paper cranes?

I really like making them, but I really suck at making them and have always had to get someone else to help me make them, even if I pull up some instructions on making them :pleading_face:

For people who don’t know what they are, they look like this:

  • Have you ever made one before? :eyes:
  • Do you know how to fold a paper crane?
  • Do you like making them?

My friend made me a paper raven for my birthday a couple years agonand signed it from my fictional crush.

Nope. But I can make throwing stars.


I like making throwing stars, but I wouldn’t know about the cranes.

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It’s a shame they don’t actually work…

The paper throwing stars I’ve made may not cut, but they can be thrown pretty well, especially when using some thicker paper. So they’re at least pretty fun.

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That’s pretty cool. I can’t even make a paper plane. :joy:

I can’t make a half decent paper Airplane either. About the only thing I can properly make is those throwing stars.

I used to do this all the time!!! I was obsessed with origami when I was younger :pleading_face:

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