Do you like to have a picture of how your character looks, or do you leave it to the reader?

I’m extremely visual, so I want readers to know exactly how my characters are supposed to look. That’s one of the things I enjoy the most about writing on Episode… the ability to design my characters the way I actually picture them. Before that, I’d use pictures of actors or models to show the readers how I pictured my characters. Or even drawings, in the case that I couldn’t find the right actor to represent someone.

What about you?


I have a picture in my head but the reader can create their own based on the description.


If I ever write a story I’d like my readers to have some kind of a picture of the characters. I don’t know… I’d just want us all to be on the same page

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I have a picture in my head but I never go too deep into any descriptions unless it’s super important for the story. E.g. in the last story I wrote, it was important to show that the MC notices the LI’s eye colour, so I mentioned it from the beginning, but her own eye colour only gets mentioned veeery late in the story because that’s when the LI paid attention to it.

@Writers What about you?

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I am extremely blunt and specific about their looks, and I even illustrate a lot if my own books!

I try to describe as much as possible in the stroy or whatever I write. I do have a sketch of the character for myself but I wouldn’t show it to the readers, unless it’s required

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