Do you like to make your own recipes?

I personally don’t… I’m too lazy :joy::green_heart::eyes::sparkles:

How about you? Do you like to make your own recipes?
Why or why not?
And what’s the most impressive recipe you came up with if you make your own recipes? :eyes::green_heart:

I’d end up blowing something up

Sometimes I modify recipes I’ve found on the Internet, but I don’t think I’ve ever invented one totally from scratch.

I can’t cook. :rofl::white_heart:

I don’t like cooking, I only make pancakes that I’ve slightly modified!

I rarely use recipes unless it’s a pastry so it doesn’t flop
But other then that I just follow my gut about stuff and they mostly work ngl

yeaa, since i don’t follow instructions

Recipes are definitely overrated

When I’m first trying out a recipe, I’ll usually alter it slightly so that the measurements feel a bit more ‘right’. Once I’m used to a recipe however, I’ll just chuck in everything and rely on how it looks, feels and tastes to tell me the right proportions XD

How about you guys @Foodies?

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Imagine being free and not being broke haha

I probably would but how it would taste is left for the alternate reality to answer-

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I don’t like it because I don’t know how to do that :joy: But my mum does that all the time

It’s fun! But today, I have a pack of chicken in the refrigerator and no ideas as to what to make with it… :roll_eyes: :roll_eyes:

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You could do lemon pepper chicken.

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Thanks, that sounds good! I think I have the ingredients to make it, too. :sunglasses:

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Glad to help. Let me know how it turns out.

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