Do you make your own book/story covers?

I’ve made most of the covers of my stories, but I’m not that good at digital drawing just yet, so most of what I’ve made have been edits.

What about you, @Writers?


Yeah, I do. (wink)

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Just one. It was an origin for an OC, so I drew her.

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I do not. The only one I’ve done was for a drafted/incomplete/unreleased story on Wattpad

Well I just go on some website to look for stock photos and then make the book covers on Canva.

Yes which is why they look so bad :star_struck:

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Yo same! XD I bet mine would win in the bad cover art contest :star_struck: I dont shade anything


Yes, all of them. Covers by artists would probably look much better but I never really know how to tell someone else what I want the cover to be. And once I have made the cover myself, I don’t want to spend money on another one :sweat_smile:

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