Do you make your own promotional images?

This is a pretty simple one:

  • Do you make your own promotional images when promoting your story?
  • Would you mind sending any you have made here?
  • What do you think about making your own promotional images?
  • Have you ever made one for someone else?

Personally, I think I did make one, but I can’t remember where and I’m pretty sure I deleted the story XD


Yes, I do! I use Canva to make promotional images for my Episode/Wattpad stories!

I made this one to promote my newest Wattpad story:

I also made this one to promote my entry for the Queer Writers Contest:

I love making my own promotional images! I think it’s super fun.

I have not

Yes, but I mostly just use the pictures that I also need for the story, like thumbnails or just the cover.

No, my art/editing skills aren’t that good :joy:

@Writers What about you?

I made one. I’m still tryna learn how to make them honestly, I wanna make one for Deadly Nightshade

Sometimes! I dont have any on my computer currently but I did make something recently. It doesn’t really look that great but I just kinda made it for fun. It’s an edit of the MC and LI. I saw this fireplace living room background and thought it matched the vibes for the story so I put the characters in it. I don’t think I can really use it tho because it doesn’t look that great and the characters are in different zones.

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