Do you notice the authors of a book?

Usually, when I read I always check the author but then later I forget if I don’t like the book. But if I like the books, I will remember the author always. For example, Jacqueline Wilson, Rachel Renée Russell, Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie, J.K Rowling.


  1. What are your favorite books and authors?
  2. Do you always know the authors of books?

Same! It’s always the fondness that makes me remember something!

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I only remember certain authors names. It depends on how much I liked the series and how many times I read it.

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I don’t usually check for the author, but I will typically recognize if the author is a name I’m super familiar with

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I mean, I always have authors I support which I like to search for. Or if I rlly like a book I’ll keep note on who wrote it for their other work

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Yes and no. When I go to the bookstore I always look for books my favorite authors have written because I already love their work and it’s a safe option. Tracy Chevalier, for example.
But if I find a book that seems interesting to me and I don’t recognize the author I will remember them only if I like that book.

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Barely ever :sweat_smile: Most of the time I don’t even look at the authors name. I notice the name on online books more often thank real books.

yes always

Yes, if my favourite authors come out with something then I’ll want to read it more.

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like actually met them in person or…

girl! Rick Riordan is a classic. most of his books cause educatio to be fun!

Yes, if I love the author’s previous books. What about you @Discussions/@Bookworms?

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