Do you often favour certain colours in a painting?

I think it’s very common to have a certain colour palette that you love, but are there any specific colours that you guys can’t make a peice of art without?

I don’t think I particularly favour any colours, maybe red, blue or green lmao. Those are usually used to provide a sense of magic or whatever to the image. It rarely works, but I try anyway :rofl:
What about you guys, @Artists? Are there any colours you favour? Why?


I usually choose analogous colours from blue to purple because that range hits right in the calm energy for most drawings. It’s just a cool pallet in general

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Blue. If my drawing doesn’t have blue is it even my drawing?

The only times I don’t include blue is if it has some fancy filter over it.

Blue & purple…

Hm, I think, yes! I use blue a lot but I also love earthy tones!

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