Do you prefer happy or sad endings?

What do you prefer? Happy or sad endings? Why?

Honestly, I prefer happy endings! I love romance and I always hope the main characters end up together and live happily ever after, call me a hopeless romantic. I’m really emotional and can feel things deeply, even if I’m just reading something so I always end up feeling sad for a couple of days if endings are sad haha. A year ago I was writing a story and if I continued it I know the ending would’ve been very happy!


I prefer happy endings as I always get sad about sad endings :cry:


I hate crying while watching movies, so happy endings are better. :no_mouth:

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None, I like bittersweet endings


It depends on the genre of the story. But personally, I prefer open-ended endings because they’re neither sad nor happy. I get strongly attached to movies or books, that’s why sad endings can be difficult for me to handle. But then, poorly-done happy endings can also be a bit bland and boring to me. That’s why I prefer endings that will leave me draw for my own conclusions to the story.


Depends on how well it’s written tbh.

I prefer neutral endings, neither happy nor sad. Kind of like bittersweet, as @/Peppermints said above. Don’t get me wrong, happy endings are great. But I prefer a tad bit of realistic touch when it comes to endings. If it would be all unicorns and rainbows, it would feel too bland and boring. No thrill or excitement as it would be all too expected to the reader. Idk that’s my opinion, though :eyes:

Happy and positive, because sad endings leave me depressed. In addition to that, sad endings kind of spoil the whole story, so even if I loved the story from the beginning, a sad, depressing ending will make me think back on the story with a not-so-fond memory anymore.