Do you prefer slow or fast combat in games?

Recently I’ve been playing Bayonetta again, specifically Bayonetta 2 and I was thinking of how much I like the really fast combat. Then I started thinking of Witcher 3 which has slower and heavier combat than Bayonetta (nowhere near Dark Souls 1 heavy) and came to the conclusion I still really enjoy the Witcher 3 combat despite it feeling and being completely different.

The quick flowing nature of games like Bayonetta and even Kingdom Hearts can be extremely satisfying. But games like Witcher 3 can also be satisfying in the sense of learning when to dodge, roll and attack.

I honestly can’t pick a favourite!

@Gamers can you guys think of which one you prefer?

Or list examples of games with slow and heavy combat?


neither. i would just spam the buttons then lose :pensive:

Both like for example like on call of duty on mobile has a fast attack where you don’t know if you are undead or survival.

For a slow combat pubg new state is battle royal is really slow because you don’t know where the other player are but lucky you can run over them with a car .