Do you publish your Wattpad stories anywhere else?

I don’t write on Wattpad but I do have a friend who wrote a story on episode and decided to publish a Wattpad version of it which is obviously slightly different to the episode version since episode has their restrictions, so with Wattpad you’re free to express yourself.

  • Do you publish your Wattpad stories anywhere else?
  • Did it gain the attention needed?

Yeah, Quotev.

I started to publish on Inkitt but have not heard if my chapter was accepted or not.

Meh not really. Idk why but usually the ones I actually put on Wattpad are short stories that I can/have finished. The ones I try to make for episode are much longer ideas. The ones I put on Wattpad are stranger than the ones I attempt to make for Episode lol.

If you’re curious about what I mean feel free to check out my Wattpad stories, I put names of them in my profile. This is totally not self-promo

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First time I’m hearing about Inkitt

Ahhaaa I don’t mind. What’s your name on Wattpad?

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I put this on my profile too but it’s StarryEyes54!

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Ohh yes yes I forgot to look there… but thank you :star_struck::dizzy:

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Tapas but it won’t be released until next year.

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