Do you put a lot of effort into your appearance?

I really don’t tend to put in a whole lot of effort into my appearance–I never wear make up and most days usually just wear pajamas or a plain shirt and leggings. I’ve found that online classes have made me focus a bit more on my hair, so I’ll usually try and brush it a lot before a class and make sure it doesn’t look bad on camera.

What about you guys @Discussions? :eyes:


Nope. Just make myself feel comfortable.

nah, not really

Yes. A lot…

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Yeah :star_struck:

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Yes. Whenever I go out or take pictures, I always make sure I have makeup on. I’m very insecure. However just because I wear wear makeup to cover my insecurities, this doesn’t mean other women/men/people do!

But yeah, I usually wear Smokey eyeshadow, eyeliner, brows, and false lashes


no, I seek for comfort, though I do care about my hair a lot lol. Wearing make-up hurts my eyes even if it’s lipstick and I don’t know why -.-

No :joy:


Pfft. No.

Nope :eyes:

Absolutely Not

I actually did my hair today.


only for special occasions but other than that I never do my hair or anything

I don’t really see the point of doing it, although I like doing my nails

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Not really-
I hardly go out but when I do I just throw an oversized hoodie on :slightly_smiling_face:

Yes, because I love the way I look with makeup, false lashes, beautiful hair, etc.

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