Do you read a lot of fanfiction?

Hey, @WattpadWizards! Do you read a lot of fanfiction?

When I was younger I really loved fanfiction and used to read a lot. From Harry Potter and TV shows I liked at that time to some famous people… It was fun, different. Now I don’t and I don’t remember the last time I did.


I doooo, though those are mostly about kpop idols


I used to read Marvel and DC fanfictions on Wattpad when I was younger. Now I don’t because they are usually cringey nowadays :confounded:

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I used to read anime fanfiction but now I just… no

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I feel like i read one or two a few years back but no i dont like to read them now :star_struck:

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I never used to read fanfics until a couple of months ago, when my friend introduced me to MDZS. It’s one of my favorite books now and honestly changed my life. :3

a lil’ annoyed that some people regard fanfic as a lesser form of writing when it’s as valid as anything else BUT THAT’S UNRELATED


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Hey @ShanniiWrites, are you reading or writing much fan fiction lately? If so, would you like to share any?

I used to read a lotttttt of EXO and BTS Fanfic

Used to read a lot of k-pop fanfiction, now I just read (good) Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure fanfiction of my favorite ships

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OMS yes me too. But after a while they became boring

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Yeah and they’re all mostly the same!

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I used to really not enjoy fanfiction but now… I don’t know how it happened (okay, that’s a lie) but I love fanfiction :joy: