Do you see RPing as playing pretend?

I had a conversation about that last week with @LunaticLeviTheSecond , I think @Madilnel, @sunflower.flow and a few other radlads in the lime grove rp chat

So I got intrigued and it got me wondering, what do the rest of you think?

  • Is role playing “playing pretend” or is it something else?
  • What do you guys consider it?
  • Why?



I see it more as writing with other people :eyes: Every character moves the story along


I would almost see it as written acting. You could call it ‘playing pretent’ but I also think there is more to it than just playing


yes, i think brooke made a thread similar to this one

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When you generally think of roleplaying, that’s basically what it is, but there’s so much more to it. I consider it as writing, just like writing a story except it isn’t one person that calls the shots.

It’s building the skill of writing and learning how to put yourself in someone else’s shoes. It strengthens our passion for creating a story and our motivation. It’s so much more than playing pretend.


I agree with @Meekepeek, it does seem more like acting… which can be tied to playing pretend; however, I consider it as just plain writing. For me, it’s being able to create a story for one character and develop them with others. “Playing pretend” doesn’t really seem like it for me because when I’m writing, I don’t even notice I’m pretending and it’s more like giving life to my own creation.


You put it so beautifully I can’t add more to make it correct for me or most RPers


it’s almost like acting with words. just like acting, you can do a ‘one men/women show’ (solo writing) or you can have opponents which is what rp’ing is really in my eyes. it’s like acting with other people or writing with other people, which gives it a more natural- and dynamic feeling.


finish him

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@benitz786 everyone vs. Daniel

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which one’s which

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Open for interpretation :joy:

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Sort of. It’s more like writing though. You sorta go into the mindset of your character and goes through certain situations you might not have before. I feel like it could be acting in a way but without a script. It’s just like improv acting.

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In a way, I would say yes. I see RPing like how I would play with dolls with a friend, which could be considered playing pretend. Its like playing pretend in a way and acting, along with writing. You have to get into your character’s mindset, and as a situation occurs come up with their reaction on the spot. So in a way, yes it is. Its not just playing pretend, but it is an element of it.

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