Do you sneak food into movie theatres?

Do you sneak food into cinema/movie theatres?

I certainly do, more often than not. The prices at the cinemas are ridiculous and (most of the time) people don’t check for stuff brought from outside the place.


Yes👀 I’m a hungry girl


Does anyone not? :joy:

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Yes! I sneak candy in. In my jacket because they don’t search kids :laughing:

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I can’t we aren’t allowed to take our bag and jackets with us into the cinema. If you have them with you they will take them from you and put them in a special room. :roll_eyes:

Sometimes. Depends on the day and if we got something before. Either way my family still buys movie theater popcorn.

yes :eyes:

they don’t really check and i’m not paying 5 dollars for something that’s 1 dollar at the convenience store a block away

Alllll the time. The snacks are crazy expensive at the theatres

Hm, not really. I just like to eat popcorn when I’m watching something so it’s easier to buy it there! I do sometimes sneak in water or some other drink because the prices at the cinemas are… awful

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Not rlly