Do You Think of a Certain Character Whenever You See Their FC?

A faceclaim can be a key piece of a character. Its how they can be described first meeting another character, it can be how an RPer is better able to envision the scene in their head, and so much more.

In some RPs, you merely see an FC once in the slides with the rest of their information, while in others it can be beneficial to have a known FC with many pictures for a social media slide. In that case an FC becomes associated that much more with a character, and is part of them just as much as the key parts of their background.

So when you see the FC of a certain character, in a situation not relating to that character or RP, do you think of that character?



I actually only use FCs on which I can think of a certain character based on what they look like in the photo and based on how I feel that day. I never ever pick a FC before planning what they are going to be like before the RP or go searching for FCs only after I write their character, personality or bio.

Sometimes when I look for just extra faces for future use, I see certain faces that would fit a specific person or image.

Tho I hate him as a character and am not too fond of that I made him at all, I am proud of matching Cade’s personality with his face. There was just something about his smirk that gave of that almost him being sick or psycho(which he was)


Yes, absolutely. That’s why I can’t use the same FCs over and over unless revamping a character.


Ruby = Avril Lavigne.


Sometimes, depends.


Whenever I see Daniel Parker, I sometimes think it’s Daniel and not Tom Holland-

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