Do You Use Body Wash?

I use this one.
It smells amazing and I love the colour, lol.

  • Do you guys use body wash?

  • If yes:
    Which one?
    Why do you use that?
    Do you like it?

  • If no:
    What else do you use?
    Do you even shower?

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Soap and Glory :eyes:

It smells nice :eyes:

Yes, it’s rad :eyes:


Soap at the moment

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Daily Sop lol

I am forgetful and lazy and when there’s no body wash in the shower I just use shampoo lol

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soap is soap

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but yes I just


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Sometimes I use body wash sometimes I just use a bar of soap. Depends on whether or not I have body wash, and on how lazy I feel at that particular moment (well, and which one seems like more effort at that instant as well)

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Yes? :grinning:
At least I shower lmao :rofl:. I went through a bad period of executive dysfunction and a lack of introception (to feeling dirty), and couldn’t figure out when I should shower, and even then often couldn’t make myself do it (bc of executive dysfunction lol). I ended up developing a lot of icky skin things as a result. /lh

soap is soap
insert invincibles meme here