Do you use slang in your writing?

Do you use slang in your writing? Slang is words not in a languages dictionary, a lingo. Or just what you may call “made up” words (even though all words are-).

Do you use slang when writing a story? Is it in dialogue only or in both when you narrate and when you make a character speak?



i do!
sometimes writing in slang, both for dialogue or inner monologues helps a lot with characterisation, and adds to the character’s / narrator’s “voice”

Only if it makes sense that my character would use it. Not in narration.

for inner monologues and dialogue, I actively try to use slang a lot, because that’s how people talk. It makes their dialogue sound real, ya know?
For the narrator however I do my best to avoid it

LOL!!! I use it a lot. It helps the reader to understand where the story is situated in and to give my writing a lot of flavour.