Do you use the guidebox when coding your story?

The purpose of the guidebox on the Writer’s Portal is to see how users will see your story on their screen, depending on if they read on a phone or on a tablet. The green guidebox shows what tablet readers see, while the red one shows what mobile readers see.
If your speech bubbles are too high or too low, tablet users may not be able to read them. I read Episode stories on my tablet, so for me it’s very frustrating when I can’t read the entire speech bubble. This also happens sometimes with tappable overlays in mini games.
For that reason, I always use the guidebox when coding to see how everything will appear to my readers.

What about everyone else?

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only sometimes when I remember it or if I’m about to put something on the top and bottom

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I never really used it because at first, I didn’t understand what it’s for :sweat_smile: But I also never really did much advanced directing or added complicated mini-games with overlays at the top or bottom.